Everyone wants to experience life change. Christmas is God's reminder that life change can be more than a desire; it can be a reality. Start your Christmas this year with Journey Church as we experience the God who changes lives! Join us at one of our three identical Christmas Eve services for a special celebration that has something for everyone--great live music, a powerful message, and special communion. Bring your family to celebrate Christmas with our family. We can't wait to see you!

Mike Mozingo

Lead Pastor



December 1, 8*, 15, & 22

sunday mornings 9A & 10:45a

  • Journey Kids Opens

    20 mins before
    Birth - Age 3, Ages 4 - 5, Grades 1 - 4, Grades 1-6 (9a only)
  • Worship Begins

    9A & 10:45A

    Worship Center for a time of Worship, Baptism & Teaching

  • 5th & 6th Grade Worship

    10:45A only

    The Square (Student Worship Area)

*"Celebrate the Miracles" service

December 23 & 24

Monday evening 6p & Tuesday evening 4 & 6p

  • Journey Kids Childcare Opens

    20 mins before

    Available for Kindergarten and below

  • Worship Begins

    4P & 6P

    Worship Center for a time of Celebration, Candlelight, Teaching & Communion

What To Expect

At Journey Church, we want everyone to feel comfortable, welcome and fully at ease. We have tried to anticipate your questions and concerns below. If you have additional questions, please call us at (334) 351-9994 or email us at We are here to help!

What will I experience at Journey?
Imagine finding a church that is enjoyable—one that you look forward to all week. We use many different techniques to communicate the message God has given us. You're likely to find us using music, video, staging, props, and other creative techniques in every service to share the timeless truth that God wants you just the way you are.
What to Wear
We believe the Lord knows and cares more about the condition of our hearts than our ties. Come as you are: business casual, flip-flops, shorts. It doesn't matter to us!
Coffee & Donuts
In the Compass Cafe we have coffee, donuts and ice water, all at no charge.
Kids Check-In

1st Time: If this is your first visit with children, we invite you to our Welcome Desk (located at our Main Entrance) for an easy registration process, a free gift for the family, and a personal guide to help you know exactly where to go and what to do.

Pre-registered: Simply meet a "New Family Host" in the Family Check-In room located near the "Journey Kids" entrance.

Pre-register Now

Stay with you: All kids are welcome in our worship services. If kids become restless, we have a comfortable, private family room connected to the Worship Center.

Parking is easy at Journey Church because there are parking spaces all around the building. We encourage you to park closest to the entrance that is most convenient for you and your family. Our Kids Check-In is located nearest to our Journey Kids entrance. Our Welcome Center can be quickly accessed by using our Main Front Entrance, which faces Sheila Boulevard. Our Worship Center is easily accessible from the Main Back Entrance at the rear of the building.

We believe God’s Word is true and powerful. We seek to discover what God has to say to us through careful study and teaching of His Word, the Bible. We teach to reach as many as possible, so come as you are, knowing that God’s Word is for everyone.


We gather together for worship, not for a show but for fellowship in celebration. Our Worship and Production teams seek to lead you and your family in glorifying God, not the teams. We sincerely want to make the most of Jesus through worshipping Him for what He has done and praising Him for what He will do through song, music and teaching.


Giving is not required. We aren't a secret club; there are no membership dues. However, we do believe that giving is important to a healthy relationship with God. When we give monetarily, we give our control away as well. Putting God in control will change the way you view your resources, time and family. We have four ways to participate in financial giving here at Journey.

Through baskets: We pass baskets at the end of service, not so you can pay for a job well done, but so you have the opportunity to have a more worshipful experience through giving. Through our kiosk: We have a simple giving kiosk near the welcome center to make it easy to give digitally while you are attending.
Through our website: Whether one time or recurring, setting up online giving will take less than ten seconds and can be done at any time. Through text: By simply texting an amount to 84321, you will be led through the process of giving to Journey Church using your messaging.
Website Text Now

Welcome Center

Located at Main Entrance


Come Celebrate With Us


Baptism is a big step to show the world what God has done in your life. We would love to talk to you about being baptized at Journey.

Sign Up for Baptism Now

Please contact me by:
Have you ever been baptized before?

Pre-Check-In Kids

A smooth check-in process is pivotal to a great first-time visit for a family. So get ahead of the curve and pre-register by filling out the form below.
If you have more than 2 kids, please complete multiple forms

We're here for you, and we
look forward to your visit!

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